Save Money on Energy Costs During the Hot Summer

All Pro Electric

The experts are telling is that this is going to be another hot summer. Is your house a miserable place to be when the temperature rises? Air conditioning systems cost thousands of dollars and consume a lot of energy to operate.

A simple, effective and cost efficient solution is a whole home attic exhaust ventilator. The air temperature in your attic can easily be above 150 degrees. That hot air transfers down into the living areas creating an uncomfortable place to be in.

All pro electric can provide and install a temperature controlled attic exhaust ventilator to keep your home cooler. Many of our satisfied clients were planning on installing air conditioning but found the relief they needed with this low cost solution. We will even install a manual control so that you can operate the fan as needed even for general home ventilation.

Already have air conditioning but don’t want to pay the high energy costs to operate the AC? The ventilator will reduce the burden on your AC system, saving money and increasing comfort.

Don’t wait for the hot days to get here. Be ready by calling All Pro Electric for a free quotation today at: 503-246-0361 or visit our website at:

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