About PDX Advisory Group

PDX Advisory Group started unofficially in March 2004 by Paul Kerkar, Real Estate Principal Broker, Founder & President. PDX Advisory Group’s main purpose is to enable qualified business professionals to network, talk about each other’s industries, and the economy but, more importantly to set the stage for business development and referral generation.

Year after year, the number of qualified referrals has been steadily climbing. Being a member of PDX Advisory group is fun and rewarding. PDX Advisory Group only allows for one professional in each business segment and category. To maximize its exposure, PDX Advisory Group uses the latest technology enabling it to promote itself and to disseminates information to thousands in a matter of seconds. We pride ourselves for being proactive, energetic, focused while thinking outside of the box.

Most importantly, PDX Advisory has the technical know-how to utilize current technology while understanding and mastering the basics of providing excellent services reliably. This capability enables it to effectively and efficiently educate, inform and communicate with the entire network.

Business networking requires commitment. If you feel like you could benefit and contribute to this energetic group, call: Paul Kerkar (503) 516-5783.


  • Increase exposure to unlimited business professionals
  • Substantially increase business through referrals
  • Learn to effectively promote your business
  • Sharpen your presentation skills
  • Share ideas with professionals like you
  • Participation in over 24 networking meetings per year
  • Develop great friendships with professionals just like you
  • Develop a relationship based on trust
  • And much more!